Why Germany ?

The German government has announced 13,000 more jobs for hospitals and care homes, but there is still a shortage of qualified medical staff. Germany faces a massive lack of medical care personnel, which means many hospitals are overburdened. Currently, roughly 1 million people work in the country’s nursing industry.

  • It is projected that 3 million Nurses will be needed by 2060, given Germany’s aging population. In late 2015, there were 2.9 million individuals in need of care — by 2030, this figure is expected to rise to 4.1 million.
  • Currently, an open nursing position remains unfilled for an average of 171 days, the worst average among all professions.
  • The number of people requiring old-age care continues to rise in a trend that is expected to last until 2060.
  • The share of Geriatric Nurses from abroad has likewise been rising for years and is currently at 11 percent

Advantages of working in Germany

  • Good salary: 2200 – 3100 € plus Overtime, Night shifts and Sundays are paid extra. Salary for nurses with full license +B2 = 2900 – 3100 € Salary for Nurses with full license +B1 = 2200 €
  • Germany is one of the safest countries to live and settle.
  • Permanent settlement is possible in few years.
  • Family (Husband or wife) can be invited through family reunion visa.
  • Husband or wife can also work in dependent visa
  • Germany has one of the advanced health insurance scheme, it protects you and your family 100%
  • Children’s entire education is free in Germany.

Equivalence of Diploma:

  • In general, Graduate students from different countries who have Diplomas in Medical Field such Nurses cannot have the direct equivalence in Germany.
  • We take care of assisting Graduated Nurses to prepare and process the Equivalent application in Germany.
  • After processing the Equivalence in Germany, it takes 12 weeks for checking the Equivalence possibility. After that candidate receives full or partial Equivalence with some deficit (theoretical and practical).

Documents required

The document needed for the Equivalence in Germany (Nursing License

  • CV (no certified copy needed but with original signature)
  • Copy of the passport (no certified copy needed)
  • Bachelor-Diploma (translated and certified)
  • Theoretical and practical subjects with hours of Study (translated and certified)
  • Registration Certificate as Nurse (translated and certified)
  • Job certificates / experience (translated and certified)
  • Work Permit (if available) (translated and certified)
  • Completed internships with hours during the studies (translated and certified)
  • Secondary School (if available) (translated and certified)

Grades –

Nursing Studies (if available, not must to have) (translated and certified).

 All the above mentioned documents have to be translated in to German language and notarised / certified from German consulate in home country or from Citizen Registration Office in Germany.

Our Services in Germany

  • Documentation work
  • Nursing license work (Annerkennung)
  • Working contract from hospital (with B1 or B2)
  • German language course (if required)
  • Verification of contract
  • Visa assistance
  • Free accommodation for one month in Germany
  • Medical health insurance assistance
  • Local German bank account assistance
  • City registration assistance in Germany
  • Heath and travel insurance facilitation
  • Visa extension in Foreigners office in Germany
  • Planning your trip to Germany
  • Airport pick up
  • Spouse visa assistance
  • Permanent residency assistance

Our Services in India

  • Reliable and Honest Counselling
  • Perfect Visa application documentation
  • Proper Visa training
  • Pre and Post departure training
  • German Language support till B1
  • Forex and Travel insurance support
  • Language school letter/University conditional letter
  • Assistance in opening Block account
  • Initial travel and health insurance specific to Visa purpose
  • DHL Courier services


Step 1

Consultation with our German Team and arranging required documents
After Enrolment

Step 2

Start the integrated German language course up to B1 (6 months) (At the same time send the notarised documents to Germany, as given above)
6 Months

step 3

Application in Germany for Equivalency of Degree or License (Annerkennung) Process time – 12 to 15 weeks
12 to 15 Weeks

Step 4

After completion of B1 we will arrange the work contract from hospital in Germany (takes up to 2-3 weeks only)
2 to 3 Weeks

Step 5

Arranging the required documents and application for work visa  (we will guide on the process) Waiting time for visa approval – 4 to 5 weeks
4 to 5 Weeks

Step 6

Arrive in Germany and start working as Nurse in Germany Our team will arrive in airport and guide you from there and also help with accommodation, city registration, bank account opening etc.
After Visa