Vocational/Training Courses


1. Twice the fun – with theory and practice

Vocational training in Germany offers a lot of variety. It combines theory and practice right from the start. You will receive on-the-job training at a company, while one or two days a week, or several weeks at a time, are reserved for the vocational school where you will learn about the theoretical principles that serve as the basis for your work.

2. Young talent is in high demand

As companies across all industries are currently on the look-out for trainees, your chances of securing a place in a vocational training program are excellent. In the year 2016 alone, 43,478 positions in vocational training could not be filled.

3. Learn and Earn

When you start a vocational training program in Germany you will be earning money from day one. Companies will pay you a salary for the work you do as part of your course.

4. Good chances of being offered a permanent job

Vocational training may be your ticket to a career in the German labor market. Around two-thirds of all trainees get a permanent job with their companies after completing vocational training. Upon completion of your program, you will be fully qualified in your profession and earn good money – and you will benefit from the fact that you already know your company, its operations and your colleagues.

5. Good career prospects

Vocational training makes you fit for the future. Professionals with a vocational qualification are in high demand in the German labor market. In some fields, candidates with a vocational qualification
are even more sought after than university graduates. It starts a career in Germany.

Geriatric Nurse

As a Geriatric Nurse, you will care for and support elderly people who need help with their daily routines in everyday life. In addition, you will ensure basic medical care.

Course contents:

At a school for nursing care, trainees acquire comprehensive knowledge in order to prepare them for their job of caring for the elderly. This includes knowledge about health care and living in old age, the ability to reliably assess a patient’s health status, and first aid.

At a later stage, trainees also learn the fundamentals of mental care and providing patients with their medication. In addition, they get to apply this knowledge in practice; this involves caring for elderly patients but also giving advice to relatives.

Special Requirements:

As a Geriatric Nurse, you will have to take care of quite a number of elderly people. Therefore, you should have a good memory and be flexible. Nursing requires empathy so that you can understand and respond to the needs and concerns of the people you look after. As you will be dealing with people most of the time, your German language skills need to be particularly good for this job.

Places of study:

Geriatric nursing trainees attend theory classes at a school for nursing, while practical training takes place at a Home for the elderly or at a Hospital.


Full-time programmes3 years
Aiming for an additional qualification3.5 years
Part-timeUpto 5 years


  • Home care nursing,
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals


Year of training Salary in Euros

1st year :1011
2nd year :1072
3rd year :1173

Our Services in Germany:

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  • City registration assistance in Germany
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  • Permanent residency assistance

Our Services in India:

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  • Assistance in opening Block account
  • Initial travel and health insurance specific to Visa purpose
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