ECL German Exam

ECL stands for “European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages”

In 2017 when the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) audited the ECL Hungarian language exam on the basis of International Language Assessment Criteria and Standards. The Hungarian language exam was awarded ALTE’s quality mark (Q-mark), gaining more international recognition.

In 2020 ECL and its German partner, AFU GmbH, took on a new international challenge by pursuing ALTE accreditation for ECL’s German exam. The audit was successful, and in December 2020 the ECL German language exam obtained the ALTE’s quality mark. This language examination can now be associated with renowned German examinations such as Goethe, ÖSD, Telc and TestDaf.

These two successful audits prove the high-quality work carried out by the Foreign Language Centre of the University of Pécs in the field of language assessment. Additionally, these outcomes are beneficial for the test-takers as well. With ALTE’s quality mark the ECL Hungarian exam has become a recognized language assessment in several US states, and American students passing the Hungarian exam can now receive extra credit when applying to universities. The Q-mark offers promising perspectives to ECL German exam test takers as well. Candidates passing the paper-based exam will receive language certificates with the ALTE Q-mark, which significantly contributes to the international recognition of the exam and opens doors for successful test-takers to study, work or acquire citizenship in German-speaking countries.

Advice to candidates

Please Read Carefully
  • Please check date, time and place of your exam before the day of the exam.
  • Please have your notification printed and bring it with you for the exam. Please check your personal data and let the examination site know it in e-mail at least one day before the exam date if you find any mistakes.
  • Please be on time and arrive at the place of examination at least 20 minutes before the start of your exam.
  • Please bring your picture ID with you (passport, ID, drivers’ license, residence permit). Student ID cards are not accepted.
  • During the exam you can only keep test papers, your ID, and the accessories necessary to take the exam on your desk.
  • Please keep your mobile phone turned off during the entire exam session.
  • It is not allowed to talk to or interact with your fellow candidates.
  • If you are caught cheating or trying to cheat you will be disqualified from the exam.
  • Please bring at least two blue or black biro pens with you. Only blue or black biros are allowed at the exam.
  • Please listen to the invigilator (the person who supervises the exam) and follow his/her instructions. Please let him/her know immediately if you do not receive the appropriate test material, if you receive an illegible one or if it is incomplete.
  • Please read the instructions on your test carefully and follow them.
  • In case you are in doubt of what you have to do, please ask the invigilator. However, you may not ask for help in completing the exam tasks and the invigilator may not help you either.
  • You may leave the exam room only when the invigilator allows you to do it. Please be quiet near the exam rooms.
  • In case you notice anything that may influence the outcome of the exam or the conditions under which the exam is conducted, please let the invigilator know about it and ask them to record it in writing.
  • You may look at your results 30 days after the exam on your Personal Page by entering your password and your PID (personal identification number). You can have access to your Personal Page.
  • Please note that the ECL Examination Centre is not in the position to give you information on the phone.
  • For candidates who are successful on the exam, certificates – those accredited in Hungary and the international ones – will be available approximately one month after the results are published at the earliest.
  • Within one year after the date of your exam, you may request the replacement of your certificate issued if data was incorrectly submitted on the application form (or through the online registration). If the certificate recognized by the state contains erroneous data and upon the request of the candidate and depending on the nature of the error, the Accreditation Centre for Foreign Language Examinations of the Educational Authority issues a new certificate (e.g. in the case of a misspelled name within one year after the certificate was issued, or for gender and name changes) or an official verification (e.g. lack of second Christian name, wrong place or date of birth).
  • Complete exam specifications are available at:

Great Induction Now ! “We are glad to inform that Career Talks is the authorized part of ECL Examination System (The European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages).

Since, we are Delhi only authorized center for ECL Exams with a incorporation with IISC (Germany), will conduct the ECL Certification (Valid all over world by Association of Languages Testers in Europe (ALTE) in terms of all categories of VISA/Study/Employment etc). For more information kindly visit

As per the visa handbook issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Germany, (PDF of book can be downloaded from below link) in section 6 of 27 point no. 1.5 specifies and different bodies of Language Alumni authorized and recognized in Germany (European continent)

German Version

1.5. Overview of recognized certificates of German language skills

English Translation :-

Only language certificates can be recognized as proof of German language skills. a standardized language test according to the standards of the Association of Languages Testers in Europe (ALTE). This currently applies to certificates from the following providers – regardless of the examination location:

  • Goethe-Institut e.V.,
  • telc GmbH,
  • Austrian language diploma (ÖSD),
  • TestDaF Institute e.V. (Institute of the Fernuniversität Hagen and the Ruhr University Bochum; Language test level only from level “B2” GER).
  • ECL examination center (executive body of the examinations, examination is carried out by AFU GmbH)

In principle, it is assumed with these providers that the underlying test also abroad based on the relevant test regulations and with the necessary care was carried out. In particular, it is assumed that the local provider Take measures to prevent corruption and attempts to deceive. The Representations abroad should contact the test centers directly to check whether a sufficient technical supervision is carried out by the examination provider.

Exam Dates :  ECL B1 :            10th June 2022

                        ECL B2 :           11th June 2022

Exam Registration Link : 

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