Medical PG in Germany

Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. German Medical education and
healthcare system has a global reputation of maintaining excellence.

The opportunities which Germany provides to medical students are wide and highly specialized. The
standard of the German universities is at par to that of the best universities in the world.

In Germany, doctors work

• in hospitals, generally as an employee

• in their own medical practice

• in large group practices, as an employee

The average starting salary of Medical doctors training to be Specialists is higher than other
professions and currently lies at around €49,000 to 65,000 a year.

Hospitals in Germany have been facing a severe shortage of doctors for quite a number of years now.
Several thousand vacancies are lying vacant across Germany. This demand is expected to rise in time,
the number of people entering the Medical profession is lesser than the number of doctors retiring from

Advantages of Medical PG in Germany

  1. Specialty/Super specialty of your choice.
  1. No tuition fees in Germany. Instead you will get a monthly salary of 4300- 5500 Euro per month ( Tax, Source TV-Ärzte/VKA 2016b)
  1. Comfortable working hours of 40 Hrs./week, Leave on weekends and public holidays and a yearly
    leave of 28-32 days. (Varies according to states.)
  1. Your chance to take part in international conferences and interact with world class Professors.
  1. Chance to settle in Europe. After getting a Blue Card, which is the visa for highly qualified
    professionals, you can bring your spouse and children to Germany.
  1. After 21 months of blue card you are eligible to apply for a residence permit (PR).


Steps to follow to get into a post graduate residency programme in Germany

Step-1 Learn german language online (A1 to B1 level) Time span (24 weeks)

Step-2 Parallelly applying for Defizitbeschid Time span – 12 to 15 weeks

Step-3 Apply for german visa (17a) Time span – 15 weeks

Step-4 Continue – B2 and C1 in Germany Time span – 16 weeks

Step-5 Pass FSP exam Time span – 6 to 8 weeks

Step-6 Getting a Berufserlaubnis (temporary license to practice, max 2 years)

Step-7 Apply for Approbation (full license) and start working

Step-8 Start working in your preferred field as Resident Position

Requirements for visa application according to § 17a:

  • Professional or vocational qualification from abroad (a medical degree in a foreign country)
  • Written recognition notice ascertains the need for training (Defizitbescheid)
  • Evidence of participation in training courses (Qualifizierungskursen/ theoretical or practical /German language courses / medical courses ) or completion of a test in Germany
  • Consent of the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit – BA), only if required
  • Proof of financing
  • Stay of up to 18 months for the training measures within the context of recognition (for training orcourses for your medical qualification Recognition/Anerkennung process in Germany)
  • Secondary employment possible (during the approved visa period – Beschäftigung begleitend möglich– up to an extent of 10 hours per week; The prerequisite for employment beyond 10 hours per week isthat such employment must be in an area which is closely related to the profession for whichrecognition is being sought.)
  • After gaining full equivalence or authorization to practice, one is permitted to spend a period of up toone year seeking a job

What is Defizitbescheid ?

Defizitbescheid is a document that will be issued after examining your documents, stating that there is
a certain deficit in your medical training, which requires to be compensated for through language or
medical courses, experiences or exams (like Fachsprachprüfung or Kenntnisprüfung).

What is Fachsprachprüfung ?

Fachsprachprüfung also known as FSP is German technical language exam. It is a test to assess a
foreign doctor s knowledge in German medical terminologies, which has to be cleared by every foreign
Doctors who want to do clinical practice in Germany or looking forward to do their Post-graduation in