Preparatory Course to Bachelor

Preparatory Course to Bachelor


The mission of the University Preparatory Program is to prepare students to successfully pursue their study at Universities of higher learning in Germany. The Program strives to develop and improve the English, German language proficiency as well as the Mathematics, Physics, Business Studies and Science content competencies of its students’ academic literacy skills, study skills, critical thinking skills, and cultural understanding and appreciation.


The Preparatory Courses are 100% taught in English language by qualified and certified teachers from Germany. We follow an intensive schedule of varied activities such as lecture-based input, practice sessions, applied skills sessions, projects, elective courses, and tutorials. The course contents focus on topics from different fields such as language, ethics, business, or culture. At the start of the course, you will participate in a workshop on Intercultural Awareness and German culture. As you make progress, you gain more control over your studies, by choosing your own topics for assignments for example. ISB Preparatory Course also offers you an intensive German language preparation in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The courses are organized in an interactive small group setting with attention on individual feedback and progress. Our programs have been designed specifically to meet the needs of non-native speakers who need to learn to communicate effectively in an academic environment. The program adopts the innovative approach of German for Academic Purposes which integrates both language and study skills.


Rather than giving students one exam at the end of the course period, we use a system of continuous assessment. This means you check your skills regularly through tests and assignments so that you can track your own progress. The course consists of around 40 contact hours a week and classes are scheduled from Mondays to Fridays.

Technical course

The course is offered for students who wish to study pure technical courses at German universities and institutes of higher learning. They will study the following subjects during the preparatory year


This course is for students who wish to study business, economics, statistics, law related degree during their bachelor’s programs. They will study the following subjects during the preparatory year:

Natural Science course

This course is offered for students who wish to study Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy or Biology at German universities and institutes of higher learning. They will study the following subjects during the preparatory year:

Name of the course1-year Preparatory Program
Course description
  • Intensive preparation for universities
    Instruction in English
    Externally assessed exams
Duration1 year
Entry Requirements
  • Successful completion of High school (75% above marks)
  1. Application form
  2. Senior secondary certificate (Year10)
  3. Higher secondary certificate (Year 12)
  4. English Proficiency certificate
  5. Resume
  6. Passport copy
  7. Motivation letter
Dates and deadlines
  • Summer Session: For February/March Intake: Apply Before 15th December
  • Winter Session: For September/October Intake: Apply Before 15th July
Language delivery100 % English

* For intakes other than the deadlines above, kindly contact us personally for your admission queries.


Documentation for your visa – Visa Preparation

We ensure that our students get professional and timely guidance with respect to their documentation for their visas and entry clearances prior to their departure in their respective countries. Guidance about visa interviews and applications as per existing requirements.

Our online instruction for students who are awaiting visas

Do not be concerned in case of unavoidable delays which may prevent you to be in time for the session you are registered for. Our committed and dedicated team of faculty will ensure that you receive instruction in the respective subjects online – no matter in which part of the globe you reside -provided you have access to the internet. Assignments taught will also be assessed within the deadlines set by the faculty. This ensures a smooth transition into the mainframe of the schedule upon the students’ arrival in Germany.

Make you feel welcome – On arrival airport pickup

You will not find yourself alone on arrival here in Germany. One of our IISC representative will ensure that you are greeted warmly on arrival in Germany. You are part of the IISC family once you arrive here.

Make you feel comfortable – We assist you in accommodation and housing

“East or West – Home is the best” – However, we will make you feel comfortable here in Germany based on your needs. Be it budget housing or shared accommodation, our representatives will ensure that you will be placed safely and securely amidst students from various nations studying at the IISC.

Share and Care – with our counsellors

If you feel home sick or have a culture shock, do not hesitate to contact our counsellors who are there for you. They are the ones who will help you integrate into the German culture and work towards all round development of our students.

Health Insurance for International Students in Germany

The law in Germany requires everyone to have health insurance, including international students. The importance of student health insurance in Germany is of highest priority. It not only ensures you in situations requiring medical assistance, but it is also an essential requirement in order to be granted a study visa for Germany. Speak to our team for any of your queries.

Services in India

• Visa Application Documentation with :-
Visa Interview preparation/training
Applicable Statement of Purpose Preparation
Sequential documentation and resume building to nullify the gap

• Guidance in opening Block Account
• Pre and Post Departure Training
• German Language Assistance
• Loan Assistance

University recognition – International Advanced Level
This guide has been written for students, teachers and parents to offer information, advice and guidance for those undertaking or considering Edexcel IALs as a study option. It explains how these qualifications enable students to progress to universities worldwide. href=”
Regarding university entrance in Germany, international advanced level/international subsidiary level which are offered by international schools are considered equal to German Abitur