Benefits/Importance of German Language

An estimated 140 million people across Europe and around the world are aware of the value of German. German is tied to French as the most studied second language in the European Union. Most people speak German as a national language other than any other in Europe. It is the official language of Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. German will bind you to more than 100 million native speakers around the world. It's the third most commonly spoken language after English.
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Importance in India

German is India's second most popular foreign language after French. The "First Move advantage" is a key reason. It's because their government started promoting German in India a few decades ago. Several international companies that have set up their company in India are looking for people who are fluent in German. Knowing German language skills, it opens up a world of possibilities for job seekers as well as students who are searching for advanced education in an approach that gives them an advantage in the international economy It enhances the work prospects with German and international companies in India and abroad.
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Importance in Germany and European Union

Germany is the world's largest exporter of chemicals goods, automobiles, metals, etc. Multinational market prospects exist in Eastern European countries and in the European Union, where German is the second commonly spoken language after Russian. Companies such as Siemens, Lufthansa, BMW, Bosch and several others need foreign partners. German and English are quite similar and German is easy to learn. With so many benefits of the Language, it is a good opportunity economically as well.
The importance of the German language in the European Union as the most crucial language to be possessed by the enterprise bridges the particular gap between the developed and emerging financial systems of Central and Eastern Europe. As a result, knowledge of German is highly regarded in parts of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States and the Czech Republic. German speakers are the largest group of potential business partners in the European Union, accounting for around one third of the population. Experience in the second language will improve your future business opportunities.

German Language Program

The German Language program is divided into 6 levels:

For Job Purpose or for General Understanding a person Generally require up to B1 level and for studying in Germany Public University a Student generally require up to B2/C1 Level. At Career Talks We have expert teachers to perfectly instruct and teach the students to make them learn German Language in easy and fun way. There are regular classes of German Language both offline and Online.