German Education in English

German Education in English

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The number of international students wishing to study in Germany has increased
dramatically in recent years. With 359,000 foreign students enrolled in 2017, it has already
exceeded its objective of hosting 350,000 foreign students by 2020. The solid reputation of
Germany’s universities, living standards, and economy, as well as the fact that many
students are interested in studying for free – although non-EU students must now pay tuition
costs to study in Baden-Württemberg – are all factors contributing to this increase.
German universities are intended to be world leaders, and in full compliance with their sense
of optimism, they have been working to provide the perfect environment for prospective
students to facilitate their studies. A few of these circumstances is the growing number of
English-taught degree programmes. Because university degrees instructed in German are
much more common, this can be hard to track down and locate those that are taught in
English. A thorough online search takes time and quite often leads you down the wrong
path. We’re here to assist you if this has happened to you.
While the majority of programmes are taught in German, global students can study in
Germany through English through a growing number of English-language programmes. At
the graduate level, English-language programmes are already fairly common, particularly in
the social sciences and business-related subjects. They’re becoming much more widely
available at the undergraduate level as well, so with a little perseverance and research, you
might be able to study in Germany in English as well.
Here’s a list of all the best English-language German universities.
1. Berlin International University of Applied Sciences
At this University of Applied Sciences, all programmes are taught in English.
However, you will be required to pay €7,200 (US$8,050) in tuition fees. They offer
programmes in Architecture and Design, as well as Business Administration, in two
faculties. Master of Business Administration (MBA), MA Interior Design, BA Interior
Design, BA Architecture, BA Product Design, BA Graphic Design & Visual
Communication, and BA Business Administration with an emphasis on International
Management and Marketing or Organizational Psychology and Digital Business &
Management as a separate programme are among the English-taught programmes.
2. Universitat Leipzig
At Universitat Leipzig, which is currently ranked 531-540 in the world rankings, you
can study for a BA in American Studies and a BSc in International Physics Studies in
3. Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences
Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences is a public university with an international
focus that offers a variety of English-taught bachelor’s degrees, including
International Relations, Sustainable Tourism, and Gender Diversity. Because there
are no tuition fees, students must only pay the semester fee, which is currently
€302.88 (US$340).
4. Göttingen Georg-August-Universität
The BSc in Molecular Ecosystem Sciences is taught in English at
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, which is ranked 181st in the world. Several
international graduate programmes are also available at the school
5. Freiburg University
In addition to a variety of English-language master’s programmes, Universität
Freiburg is one of the few German universities to offer an English-language
bachelor’s degree programme, allowing international students to pursue a Bachelor
of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BSc) depending on their major. Universität
Freiburg is ranked joint 169th in the QS World University Rankings® 2020, indicating
that it has a strong international reputation.

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