5 Tips For You to Score Good in ECL Exam

5 Tips For You to Score Good in ECL Exam

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Learning a new language lets you have a better career prospect for your future.
The German language is one such language that can open new opportunities for
you. Many international brands, top universities and top companies, have their
headquarters in Germany.
As the 3rd largest exporter in the world, German companies need a lot of staff
who can speak multiple languages.
The German language is also useful for people working for a company outside
Germany. They can be an interpreter or negotiate international dealings for their
Germany also has some of the top universities in the world that offer the best
education for students. Education in German public universities is very cheap as
they don’t charge tuition fees for the students. But one needs a level of
proficiency in the German language to study most courses in Germany.
To attest to your proficiency in German, you can take one of the many language
tests. ECL is one such language test that the German embassy and universities
accept as proof of your proficiency in the language. The exam tests your
reading, writing, speaking and listening proficiency in your German language.
Know Your Vocabulary
Vocabulary is one of the most important things one must focus on when learning
a new language. You won’t be able to make a pleasant conversation or
understand a conversation without a decent vocabulary. Studies have shown that
having a good grip on 1,000 most common words and their variations can help
you speak a language effectively.
You will also need to understand grammar and how the sense of a sentence
changes depending on the word variation. Knowing around 2000 most frequent
words and variations is enough to cover 90% of words appearing in the B1
examination. So vocabulary is very important to pass the test.
Ways to improve your vocabulary are;
● Search for the most common words in German.
● Reading German articles or blogs.
● Write unique words which you don’t know.
Choose Learning Style That Suits You
Learning German can be pretty different for everyone. Everyone perceives things
differently. Some may feel that learning German is easy, while others may find it
difficult. One reason may be the learning style. There are various learning styles,
like visual learners, audio learners, reading or writing, and more.
You should choose the style best suited to you.
The visual learning style uses things we can see to learn new words. This
includes images, videos, textbooks, and other visuals. This style is good for
beginners as they can visualise the words.
The Audio Learning style uses listening to the language to understand it. The
learning includes watching movies or news, listening to podcasts, and having
conversations with friends and others. Listening to how the professionals use
words will let you know many uses of those words.
The reading or Writing style is focused on reading texts and taking notes, or
writing them down and memorising them. Some people understand the language
when they get involved with words. This helps your brain to memorise the words
easier and keep them for later use.
Read Editorials and Novels
You may own some textbooks that help you improve your German, but using
only textbooks is not a good way to learn German. Reading editorials and novels
lets you learn unfamiliar words and also helps you understand words that you
already know to be used in different forms.
You may not understand many sentences at the start, but you will improve with
Reading novels also helps you to learn many uses of words. You can score high
on reading tests when you practise reading the novel out loud.
Practice Speaking With a German Speaking Partner
Practising with a partner is a good way to learn any language. If your speaking
partner is a native to the language, they can point out the mistakes and help you
fix them on the spot. If you are not confident with speaking with others, try
speaking at your place. Talk with yourself, or record yourself speaking or
pronouncing words you are learning. This will help you build confidence as you
can see how you perform and help you correct your mistakes.
When speaking to a native, you can make you fluent and help you get a good
score on your ECL listening and speaking tests.
Watch German News
One advantage of learning through news is that they have new media
consistently. You will understand many unfamiliar words and improve your
listening skills. News channels don’t use slang words or colloquialisms, so you
learn a clean language. They also use a standard dialect, so most people
understand it. They use the language correctly so you can learn the correct
pronunciation and learn new words.
We hope these tips help you learn German and score well on your ECL exam

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