Things To Keep In Mind While Preparing For IELTS Exam.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the world’s most popular English Language Proficiency test for higher education and immigration to an English-speaking country. IELTS is the recommended English proficiency test for prospective students, professionals and immigration seekers and is trusted and recognized by a wide range of educational institutions, employers, governments and professionals. The […]

Requirements To Study PhD in Germany

Admission to a doctorate in our country is quite difficult and complex. At first, there aren’t many colleges running doctoral programs. Secondly, it is quite difficult to pass the entrance exam, which many students fail to pass. Therefore, gifted students who are deprived of taking place here try to enter universities outside the country. There […]

What is Studienkolleg and Is an ECL Certificate Helpful?

International students desiring to learn in top institutes in Germany may realise that the universities may not acknowledge their education certificate in German colleges. The reason is that the German education bachelor’s program accepts students who have completed 13 years of schooling. In India, we can pursue a bachelor’s with 12 years of school. How […]

The German grading system

If you are thinking or even planning to pursue your higher studies from Germany, the first thing you need to understand is the grading system because you have to translate the grades of your past studies according to the German grading system, so that you are eligible to apply for the courses you intend to […]

Dual Study and its importance

  Dual studies are a new form of study which combines theoretical academic training with practical work exposure so the students can get the best of both worlds and reap their benefits. German universities believe that the practical application of theoretical knowledge is as important as gaining the knowledge itself. The benefits of dual learning are enormous. […]

ECL examination- Everything you need to know.

The European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages (ECL) is an interestingly called organisation that is simply an association that brings together several entities that represent European languages. They provide standardised assessments for EU member states and applicant countries’ languages. The ECL language examinations are these standardised tests. The ECL provides a […]

5 Tips For You to Score Good in ECL Exam

Learning a new language lets you have a better career prospect for your future. The German language is one such language that can open new opportunities for you. Many international brands, top universities and top companies, have their headquarters in Germany. As the 3rd largest exporter in the world, German companies need a lot of […]

German Education in English

The number of international students wishing to study in Germany has increased dramatically in recent years. With 359,000 foreign students enrolled in 2017, it has already exceeded its objective of hosting 350,000 foreign students by 2020. The solid reputation of Germany’s universities, living standards, and economy, as well as the fact that many students are […]


Germany continues to be one of the world’s most popular study locations. Thousands of foreign students are completing medical degrees in Germany, and you may be one of those shortly. German universities routinely rank among Europe’s best academic institutions, with cutting-edge facilities and on-campus housing. Furthermore, practically all public colleges provide free degrees to all […]

Cost of living in Germany.

Anyone considering relocating to or learning in Germany should be aware of how much it will cost to live abroad. Calculating the average monthly cost, which will cover expenditures such as rent, utilities, meals, travel, and medical insurance, will be a part of preparing this exciting relocation. The excellent thing is that inhabitants in Germany […]