Does a German student visa allow you to travel to other EU countries?

Germany is the place to be for higher education quality, research infrastructure, teaching approach, low-cost studies, and career prospects. As a result, many international students believe that Germany is the most excellent destination to further their studies. According to UNESCO data, Germany outdid France in international student enrollments as the fourth-largest host country in 2016 […]

A guide to a student residence permit in Germany

Why do you require one?  You can live in Germany as a non-EU citizen while studying at a German institution with a student residency permit. It is issued by the Ausländerbehörde and has a one-to-two-year validity period. Your student living permit may be renewed for the length of the program if your studies go well. […]

When is the best time to apply for a student visa for Germany?

Germany is the place to go for higher education quality, research infrastructure, instructional methods, low-cost studies, and employment opportunities. As a result, many international students believe that Germany is the best place to complete their education. In recent years, Germany has been an increasingly essential aspect of international education. According to UNESCO data, the country […]

Tips for International Students: How to Lower Your Living Expenses in Germany

Before you apply to study in Germany, you should be informed of the living costs and associated study fees. The good news is that the cost of living in Germany for students is relatively inexpensive, particularly given the high quality of education available. Furthermore, student living expenditures in Germany are far lower than in France, […]

5 Tips For You to Score Good in ECL Exam

How to score good in ecl exam

Learning a new language lets you have a better career prospect for your future. The German language is one such language that can open new opportunities for you. Many international brands, top universities and top companies, have their headquarters in Germany. As the 3rd largest exporter in the world, German companies need a lot of […]